All applicants will have a full medical examination with one of the Embassy's appointed doctors.There will be a full review of past health.The examination consists, at a minimum, of a physical examination of eyes, ears, nose, throat, extremities,heart,lungs,abdomen,lymph nodes,and skin and includes an evaluation of mental status,

In addition, applicants aged 15 years and above require a chest X-ray and blood test for syphilis infection.

NOTE - there is a new requirement from 1st September 2016 for Gonorrhoea testing which will require a URINE sample (which may be provided on arrival).

Your vaccination records will be reviewed to verify whether you meet the United States vaccination requirement, or if it is medically inappropriate for you to receive any of the vaccinations listed in the vaccination chart you received from the Embassy.

If you do not have a vaccination record of any of the required vaccines, we are able to vaccinate you on the day of your medical examination.

Pregnant women may defer their chest X-ray until after childbirth, but the medical cannot then be completed without it.

A chaperone will be made available on request.

In most instances, your medical results will be sent to the Embassy FIVE working days after your appointment, in time for your visa interview.

For appointments, please call -
020 7486 7822
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